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Elves and kings -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

Elves and kings

An Icelandic film student in Amsterdam and a Dutch jogger meet in Vondelpark and discuss Icelandic stereotypes, Björk, elves and kings.

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North of nowhere - Illustration by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

North of Nowhere

The narrator sits by the window, staring into the darkness. The clock counts dutifully every second. Something is about to happen.

The darkness -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

The Darkness

Young siblings walk together along a gravel road on a dark Icelandic autumn night, discussing whether there exists things that one sees better in darkness than in daylight.

The storm -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

The Storm

A rare Mediterranean storm takes a sleepless Icelander on a ride across the Atlantic Ocean and back in time, to his childhood home on the East Iceland fjords.

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