The Urban Volcano publishes illustrated short stories, flash fiction and poetry by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. The stories and poems can be read on the web but are also available as e-books and paperbacks by major online retailers.

The stories fall mainly in the genre of realistic fiction but often include an element of fantasy, introducing interesting characters, intriguing situations or funny dialogs.​ The poems are largely inspired the traditional Icelandic “ferskeytt” style.

Apart from English, the content is also available in Spanish and Icelandic.

The Businessman Who Gave His Guitar Away -- Cover by Ana Piñeyro

The Businessman Who Gave His Guitar Away

A short story about a university professor is waiting for his connecting flight at Bogotá International Airport when he is drawn into a conversation with the man sitting besides him. Annoyed at first with being disturbed, the professor gradually becomes interested in the curious tale the man has to tell.