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Fiction by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Talk to Strangers is an illustrated collection of short stories by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. Each short story piece tells the tale of an encounter with an alien form, be it a stranger in the street, a foreign point of view or an internal dialog with the concealed part of our own subconsciousness. The collection introduces strangers from around the world with stories taking place in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Barcelona, London and Reykjavík. The book of short stories is illustrated by the author himself.

“This collection was a few years in the making and it took me some time to settle on the theme. At first I deliberately intended to write stories about the act of waiting, but after reaching several dead-ends and artificially forced subjects the concept of strangers started appearing organically.”

Paperbacks and e-books

Talk to Strangers — Cover by Ana Piñeyro
Cover by Ana Piñeyro

Talk to Strangers is available as a paperback book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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More information about the short story collection is available on Goodreads.

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The short stories are also available to read for free online.


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