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The people in the square -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

The people in the square

On a warm Sunday in August, an aspiring writer heads to his favorite square in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona in search of inspiration to rid him of his writer’s block.

What is the traffic like in Finland? -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

What is the traffic like in Finland?

Sipping beer at a terrace café in Virreina square in Barcelona, two men get into a discussion about one of the men’s perceived nationality.

Elves and kings -- Illustration by Yana Volkovich

Elves and kings

An Icelandic film student in Amsterdam and a Dutch jogger meet in Vondelpark and discuss Icelandic stereotypes, Björk, elves and kings.

Across the square -- Photo by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Across the square

She rushes across the square because she is ashamed of being late for an appointment with her friend.