Urban Volcano

Fiction by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Thoughts on a turbulent ocean,
that is in my mind.
Rising and rocking emotion,
rest I cannot find.

Concepts crash into waves,
clarity washed away.
Ideas imprisoned in caves,
idle for the day.

Reasoning wrapped in fog,
reaching for a light.
Clueless is captain’s log,
clear of all its might.

Coal-black clouds remain,
covering all the sky.
Powerful pounding rain,
piloting wits awry.

Shelter I seek in the past,
snaps from the memory lane.
Conscious the cyclone won’t last,
certain I wait to be sane.

Time tranquillises the storm,
thoughts start to unwind.
Reasoning returns to norm,
rest comes back to mind.

Ideas appear and shine,
all becomes clear to me.
Feelings follow in line,
floating on a calm sea.