Urban Volcano

Fiction by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

She reaches the top of the hill
and eyes the exotic glow
of untouched nature below.

He reaches the top of the stairs
and admires the alien view
of an active big-city so new.

She stares at the summits
surrounding the valley there,
like a train of towers
around a town square.

He surveys the skyscrapers
surrounding the alley,
like a procession of peaks
around a pristine valley.

She regards the bulging river
running through the plain,
like a crowd of commuters
crossing the platform for the train.

He follows the flock of people
flowing through the street,
like a roaring river
running down a steep.

They are separated
by hemispheres, oceans and continents,
by experiences, views and perspectives.

They are united by feeling alone
in an alien scene away from home.