Flash 52

Illustration by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Flash 52 is a collection of flash-fiction stories by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. The stories relate a brief moment in the daily life, often revealing curious characters or intriguing situations.

The book is the outcome of a year-long writing project where the author published an illustrated flash-fiction piece every week throughout the year of 2017. Each story was posted in English, Icelandic and Spanish.

“It was an intense and, at times, stressful year with the pressure to producing a story every week, together with a two translations and an illustration. All that on top of my full-time job. There were weeks of calm where I had a list of stories lined up for the following month or two, but there were also a couple weekends where I would be franticly trying to think of a story just-in-time for the following week. The project took me out of my comfort zone, but was a great experience.”

e-books and paperbacks
The book is available as paperback on Amazon and for the Kindle e-book reader in the Kindle Store, as well as for other ebook readers, tablets and smartphones in Apple Books and Kobo. More information can be found on Goodreads.

The stories can also be read online at Urban Volcano:
Good Morning // Jasmine // Point Of View // Blindness // Nail-bite // Get a Life! // Freedom // Walking Against The Flow // Energy Transfer // Purpose of Fiction // Köningsegg // Waves // 20F // Nodding Heads // The Letter // Out Of Touch With Virtual Reality // Protest // Insomnia // The Time Machine // Blood Revenge // The Secret Book // What do I Think About When I Think About Life? // To Sit On One’s Inner Child // Sharks // The outer edge of the solar system // Comfortable Silence // Kathmandu and Kaiserslautern // Death of a Bullfighter // The Doodle // How are you? // Downpour // Seeking Monarch // Chill // The Novel // Chasing a Dream // The Sign // Museum of Peace // Payback // Playtime // Senses // The Norbert Peterson Tower // Something Is Not Right // Friendly Fire // Superhuman // The Body That Cried // Train Story // The Rocks // The Barber // The Dog Whisperer // The Street Cleaner // The Autobiography // Forward Thinking

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